A clean bill of health

Busy barbershops are exposed to the everyday wear and tear of a steady stream of customers and well worn chairs, scuffed walls and hair on the floor on a hectic day will often be over looked but dirty or unhygienic tools and work areas must never be tolerated. Good hygiene practice is a habit that will protect both barber and client and for good reason too; life limiting infections like HIV, Hepatitis and MRSA or reputation busting nits or scabies can be transmitted via unclean tools. Stopping the spread of germs, viruses and infections is all down to good practice. ‘Universal Precaution’ assumes every client has something you’d rather they didn’t leave behind and every thing in the shop (including you) harbours something best not passed on. See if you and your shop will pass a clean bill of health.

Good practice hygiene

  • Disinfect tools – including clippers – between clients
  • Only use new or sterilised blades for shaving
  • Dispose of used sharps in a dedicated Sharps Bin
  • Clean counters and basins with anti-bacterial cleaners
  • Wash hands between clients
  • Sweep up regularly and put hair in a sealed bin
  • Thoroughly clean chairs, counters and floors daily

Advice on barbershop hygiene can be found at: hairproducts.co.uk