Barber courses

These barber courses are all aimed to help you improve your skills and develop your?business.

Alan d ? 8 Week Beginners Barbering Course ?4,750

A practical private course that gives fast track access to great basic techniques?including scissor-over-comb, clipper work and beard and moustache trimming.?The course is available in Ipswich and London. There is also an NVQ funded day?release or week release option for interested employers.?

Allion ? 2 Day Barbering Course ?700

The course builds barbering confidence: explores head shapes, style choice, handling?difficult growth patterns and hairlines, plus scissors/clipper-overcomb, freehand and?refining techniques ? all helping to develop a better knowledge of barbering.?

BBA ? Shave Day Course ?150

This course teaches techniques and confidence for working with an open razor. From?fundamental safety to massaging, using hot towels and mastering the ten-point?shave ? it?s all you need to know to offer a professional shave plus provides advice?on promoting and marketing shaving services.?

Dale Ted Watkins Hair ? Bespoke 1 to 1 Men?s Hairdressing Course 1 Day. From??300

Get a massive boost to your skills with internationally experienced men?s hairdresser?Dale Ted Watkins. Dale will tailor a day to his student to explore the craft of modern?men?s barbering and examine the keystones of technical cutting and finishing with a?focus on style and suitability for truly crafted men?s hair.?

Foss Academy ? The Creative, ID Men?s Foundation Course 1 Day. Price by?quotation.

A day devoted to the mastery of creative cutting which embraces the skillful use?of advanced scissor cutting techniques to the feather razor. It?s a great choice in?exploring texture and diversity in cutting and of course it?s run by the multi award-winning Chris Foster.?

London School of Barbering ? NVQ Level 2 Barbering & Shaving. Evening Course??3,780

A flexible option that allows you to train two nights a week for 25 weeks and leave?with a high standard of skill and a recognised qualification. The course starts you on?fundamentals of clipper and scissor work and graduates to scissor-over-comb, fades,?layering and texturising plus traditional wet shave techniques.?

Men-? Academy ? Shave Facial Course 1 day ?265

Based in Southampton this open razor shave and facial course teaches razor?techniques, face mapping and shave/beard growth patterns plus a great introduction?into the wide range of Men-? products.?

Total Barbers ? NVQ Level 2 Barbering & Shaving Course 9 week ?3,650

A popular course that gives students all the skills needed to work in the field of?barbering, from foundation cutting to edging and finishing plus classic and advanced?cutting. The course also incorporates the additional Level 3 shaving module.?

Wahl ? Ace of Fades ?200

A one-day course showing classic barber finishing to advanced skin fades using a?range of different Wahl clippers and trimmers. Teaching all the secrets of excellent?fading, shading and blending, a fantastic course for barbers wanting to advance their?skills.?

Westrow Academy ? Advanced Barbering ?200

Leanne Brown, Assistant Creative Director of the Westrow Artistic Team and former?L?Oreal Colour Trophy Men?s Image Award winner, leads this one-day fashion-focused course, where attention to detail is key. This inspiring day based at the?Westrow Academy in Leeds, is truly designed to let the imagination run wild.?