Barber courses

barber courses

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to add more strings to your barbering bow, these top of the range barber courses will boost your business and your skillset.

Alan d Level 3 Diploma in Barbering £3,600

This barbers course is aimed at those looking for a part-time entry into the world of barbering and is available in both London and Ipswich. This VTCT Level 3 Certificate Barbers Course has all the practical barbering training you need to become work-ready. It can be part-time, a minimum of 3 consecutive days per week, leaving you free to work the rest of the week!

Dale Ted Watkins Hair Bespoke 1 to 1 Men’s Hairdressing Course 1 Day. From £300

Get a massive boost to your skills with internationally experienced men’s hairdresser Dale Ted Watkins. Dale will tailor a day to his student to explore the craft of modern men’s barbering and examine the keystones of technical cutting and finishing with a focus on style and suitability for truly crafted men’s hair.

Foss Academy; Clipper Confidence

Attendees will learn the core skills associated with confident and effective clipper use and gain a solid foundation to support personal development into more advanced techniques. This course is for you if want to improve your skill and confidence in clipper usage, if you are a skilled hairdresser and wishes to enhance and expand your skills, or are in need of a refresher. This course is online and works around your schedule. 

London School of Barbering Beginner to Qualified Barber NVQ2. Daytime and Evening Courses available, £4099

You will graduate cutting hair at a premium standard well above the NVQ level so that you can work immediately in a shop upon graduation. You will execute advanced hair styles outside of an NVQ2 standard, like zero-fades and razor touch-ups.

Total Barbers 8 week Barbering Course Total Barber Diploma £2950

A popular course that gives students all the skills needed to work in the field of barbering, from foundation cutting to edging and finishing plus classic and advanced cutting. The course also incorporates the additional shaving module.

Wahl Specialist: The Fade 2020 £200

A one-day course showing classic barber finishing to advanced skin fades using a range of different Wahl clippers and trimmers. Teaching all the secrets of excellent fading, shading and blending, a fantastic course for barbers wanting to advance their skills.

Westrow Academy Introduction to Foundation Barbering £150

This course will provide you with the very best in boosting both your skills and knowledge. Attendees will learn how to master the fundamentals of classic haircutting, with a firm focus on discipline and a thorough understanding of the foundations of what makes a great haircut.

Allion 2 Day Barbering Course £700

The course builds barbering confidence: explores head shapes, style choice, handling difficult growth patterns and hairlines, plus scissors/clipper over comb, freehand and refining techniques all helping to develop a better knowledge of barbering.