RebelRebel’s Simon Harvey creates Pallet Barbers

pallet barbers simon harvey

Simon Harvey @mrsimonharvey of RebelRebel in Glasgow is always making something – sky high pomps, perfectly sculpted side parts and hundreds of innovative art projects with his daughter Tilda (5) and stepdaughter Eva (7). He could potentially be the ideal lockdown Dad! And his Pallet Barbers project was a winner with the kids.

Simon told MB: “I do like a bit of wood, as I was a joiner before I started barbering. For those who know me they know that I always need to make stuff and keep busy otherwise I eat my body weight in Maryland cookies and chilli peanuts. When the lock down started it was a shock to the system having so much free time and I was starting to get restless.

“During a socially distanced chat with my neighbour, she began telling me about her beautiful DIY bench that she made out of old pallets. This inspired me to go hunting for the elusive wild pallet in the outback  of Ayrshire to see what I could make. After three days tracking I discovered a herd of pallets hiding behind Iceland supermarket. After making a little garden bench out of my kill, I caught palletosis.

pallet barbers in progress by simon harvey

“I was able to source 10 pallets from a friend and I started to play about with visualizing how I was going to use them. I started to build a basic structure which gave me the idea of creating a little play house for the girls. As the house grew I started posting the development on Instagram and my friend and a fellow Layrite Band of Barber brother, Roland Andrade, suggested that I make a barber pole for it. That night I redirected my R&D department to focus all their attention and resources on making a barber pole. After liaising with the SpaceX design team, we discovered a coke bottle made the ideal shape and a remote-control car engine motor made the ideal twirly whirly mechanism.

“Tilda loved watching its development and project managed it with me. We had the occasional creative dispute over the long-term future of the building whilst onsite and that is why it’s currently a supermarket AND barbershop as opposed to just the latter. I’ve now exhausted all the local pallet wildlife they are sadly now on the endangered species list!”

Simon’s already on to his next project which involves three wheels a petrol engine and a lot of blind faith…what could possibly go wrong?


This interview originally featured in Issue 27 of Modern Barber. You can read the issue in full here.


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