Ex-Apprentice star joins Modern Barber LIVE

The American Crew-sponsored Modern Barber LIVE stage at this year’s Barber Connect welcomes technical whizzes, inspirational speakers, educators, brand builders and YouTube stars. On Sunday June 11th the audience will be treated to a business masterclass with ex-Apprentice finalist Richard Woods. Richard is an award-winning entrepreneur, radio presenter, investor and bestselling author and he knows all about making the right decisions in business.

Regional Round Up kicks off both Sunday 11th June and Monday 12th June. Five incredible barbers from five regions will stand behind five Belmonts showing us what they can do. See below for the latest big names to join us. There will also be an Open Chair segment on both days, allowing five lucky barbers to show off their skills to the 5000 to 7000 barbers that are expected through the door. For more info on how to get a chair, click Open Chair at Modern Barber Live – get behind it!

Register for FREE tickets to the event at Telford International Centre here www.barberconnect.co.uk

Modern Barber LIVE on Sunday 11th JUNE

10.30am. Regional Round up. Tommie McGuckin of Hard Grind (Scotland), Tariq Howes of Avenue Grooming (Wales), Roger Og Mulholland of Mulholland Barbering (Northern Ireland), Andrea Lynne Raymond of Lancaster Barbers (Ireland), Toastie of Johnny’s Chop Shop (England).

11.15am: Founder of American Crew David Raccuglia and the American Crew educators and Elite members including Ian Harrold of Attitude, Nick Taylor of Taylor Taylor, Izaac Branding of Mod Salons, MattRobinson of Mr Robinson’s and Ky’Cut Wilson.

12pm: A business masterclass with ex-Apprentice finalist, Richard Woods, an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, radio presenter, investor and bestselling author.

1pm: Open Chair. Five barbers make the stage their own. Will you be one of them?

1.45pm: The £500 haircut. Kevin Vorley of K Barbers Emporium on how to make every haircut worth £500.

2.30pm: Ruger Barber. Alan and Reece Beak, along with Liam Twist and his Ruger team.

3.15pm: Sheriff Mehmet and the Envy Barbers Education Team demonstrate the  latest shave techniques.

4pm: The Nomad Barber, with Miguel Gutierrez (The Nomad) and his UK & Germany team.

Modern Barber LIVE on Monday 12th JUNE

10.30am: Regional Roundup. Lee Handford of SWYD for Wales, Graeme Milne of Rebel Rebel for Scotland, Conal McCorry of Blind Willies for Northern Ireland, Mark Gaye of Notorious for Ireland and the amazing Josh McConnolly of Matu Barber for England.

11.15am: Barber Barber UK. Johnny BaBa, Dale Ted Watkins, and the Barber Barber team.

12pm: Menspire Education Team show off their distinctive approach to haircutting.

1pm: MR Barbers. Co-founders Sam Prior and Karl Foster share how they’ve built a brand promising to be the largest barbershop group in the UK by the close of 2017.

1.45pm: Jacks of London. Sam Frances, Steven Gasparetto and the team showcase their latest work.

2.30pm: Barberology. Adam Gore and his team show the style and work methods that have brought them a thriving YouTube training channel.

3.15pm: Open Chair. Another opportunity for five barbers to strut their stuff.