From revolution to evolution

From the very first innovation with the ?Andis Electric Clipper? in 1922 to its latest?Ionica, Andis has habitually provided barbers around the world with tools that work?hard and liberate their creativity. Founder Mathew Andis from Racine, Wisconsin?in the USA was a tool maker by trade and decided to switch from creating tools?for motor vehicle manufacture to his own company in clipper production. It was?the dawn of the convenience appliance age and Andis quickly built a reputation?for professional standard clippers that were small, fast and great to handle. If you?work with an ?Andis Master Clipper? then you are using a slice of barbering heritage?because its design roots can still be found with the company?s very first clipper.

As a family run fourth generation company celebrating their 92nd year they have?achieved consistent success, frequently pioneering innovations we now take for?granted. In 1941 the T-Outliner was one of the first clippers that offered a time?saving alternative to the traditional way of finishing a haircut with a razor and today?they ship to over 90 countries.

Andis never rests when it comes to professional clipper development and recent?improvements have seen the introduction of durable ceramic blades and longer?life lithium batteries. British barbers all over the UK today will turn out some fierce?fades and the sharpest hairlines using their well loved Andis tools, it might have only?taken 20 minutes to transform a client but that look is nearly a hundred years in the?making ? now that?s a tradition to be proud of!

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