How to buy a second hand motorcycle!

Tony Keep of Keep Biking in Northamptonshire specialises in quality second hand?bikes ? he shares tips on getting a sound deal.

Do your homework! Use the web to check and cross reference the going rate for the?bike and model you want.”, and?eBay are a great place to start.

Call the seller. Ask questions that include service history, if the bike is taxed or?MOT?d, if it comes with any extra parts or accessories like top boxes and write down?your answers to keep a record later on.

View the bike and check your info. Compare the answers you got on the phone to?the reality of your viewing. Look carefully at condition and signs of repair.

Hear the engine and road test the bike. Go with your gut?if the bike sounds right?and it feels right and you are happy, compare the frame number against the log book?to make sure you have the right paperwork.

Strike the right deal. Everyone wants a deal but be sensible, insulting the seller with?a cheeky offer might lose you a bike you will love. Don?t part with any money until?you have HPI checked the bike for theft, crash damage or finance. It costs ?25 at? and it?s well worth the money.