Next Stop!

Your talent, your hands, your tools – that’s all it takes and you’re off.

Clippers and Cutthroats Paul Cowen and Damon Rogers began their roving education business in 2010. Paul explains “We were recruiting these kids coming out of the local training colleges without a clue. They weren’t being taught by barbers. We contacted colleges and the North East’s training provider and offered barbering and shaving courses.” Clippers and Cutthroats are now on the road at least twice a week and will travel to any location to train up to six shop or salon team members at one time. Damon explains “It’s cost effective for the customer and it means that everyone attending their course is already in their comfort zone so learns faster.” The training days are structured to allow demonstration and hands on work sessions that allow instant skill transfer. @ClippCutt.

Thy Barber Frank Rimer’s got skills and he’s created a moveable feast of a barber shop brand so he can show them off wherever he pleases. Frank says “For the past two years I’ve been planning my own brand ideas and building relationships with strong likeminded brand names such as Johnnie Walker Red Label, Redwing, Rivet and Hide Rare Denim and the guys that own “The Bike Shed” event. The pop up launched these collaborations and gave people a little taste of what being a traditional man is all about again.” The event took place over three days in May at The Alternative Custom Motorcycle Exhibition ( at Tobacco Dock London but Frank will repeat his pop up at tattoo conventions and interesting events around the UK. Instagram:frank_glorified / @frankrimer.

Wolfcuts Barbers Francesca Webb is an experienced mobile barber with a longstanding clientele that appreciate her flexibility but Fran is now launching a mobile barber shop trailer. The van made its debut at the 23rd “You’ve Been Nabbed Rally” in support of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), a registered charity dedicated to ensuring that disabled people can enjoy the freedom of independent motorcycling. Fran says “Part of my plan for the trailer is to bring barbering services to people who can’t always get out to a shop, sometimes due to mobility issues or serious illnesses. Many of the people who attended the NABD rally find this is the case, so I thought it would be perfect to bring barbering to them. I’ve been a member of this charity for a few years and a biker since I was 17. I had power, hot water and everything where I wanted it. I offered free haircuts to any marshal but asked them to make a donation to the charity pot!” FB Wolfcuts/@FrannyWolfy.