Victory Barber & Brand

Four years ago Matthew Conrad took a long hard look at the Northern US barbering?industry and didn?t like what he saw. ?Barbering was disappearing and what was?left was 10 dollar haircuts in dated run down shops. When my grandfather died, I?started thinking about that last generation of gentlemen and the barbershops that?they went to. Back then there was a pride in being well groomed by a skilled and?professional barber in a masculine and stylish environment. Men celebrated their?grooming rituals, presenting their best self to the world. I realized young barbers had?no career options other than to chain themselves to a chair in an old guys shop and?work for peanuts and we would be in danger of losing barbering altogether.?I decided to join the fight to save it and opened Victory Barber & Brand. I trained?with anyone who would teach me, travelled the world to work anywhere I could and?it became a sort of obsession. My grandfather would be proud,? explains Matthew.?Matthew and his hand picked team of male and female barbers (plus one stuffed?moose head) brought barbering home to Victory Barber & Brand with the largest?barbershop in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Matthew says ?It is a heritage barbershop that focuses on classic haircuts and?shaves. Our shop is built from restored authentic materials and has a fully stocked?apothecary of gentlemen?s grooming goods. The barbers all wear classic uniforms?and the capes are all classic cotton, it?s authentic from top to bottom. My staff are?true craftsmen and women, who are dedicated to preserving barbering and striving?to be its finest examples. We want every man regardless of his social standing?to have style and we want to make it accessible for all. We give confidence to?people?that moment when a guy?s shoulders go back and his chest swells because?he knows he looks handsome?he becomes his best self and treats the world?differently…better.?

Matthew and his team have definitely struck a victory for barbering forever.?Share your love for the Moose @modernbarbermag, @victorybarbers.