We should all be talking B&**&cks!

Innovative men?s grooming company Bluebeards Revenge does more than produce?great products with a manly sense of humour because Managing Director David?Hildrew also has a serious message. Bluebeards teamed up with male cancer charity?Orchid to create eye catching packaging that carries potentially life saving?information. David says ?Our range is all about providing a great shave but we are?also taking on the added responsibility of educating men on the early symptoms?and signs of testicular, penile and prostate cancer. We are encouraging men?to think inside their box.? The campaign is endorsed by 2003 Rugby World Cup?winner Phil ?The Raging Bull? Vickery and so far 150,000 Orchid boxes have reached?Bluebeards customers. Early detection of male cancers make a massive impact on?prognosis and recovery but still a staggering 75% of men don?t check their testes for?irregularities. So come on chaps, always check inside the box!?@thebluebeards, @OrchidCancer, orchid-cancer.org.uk