It’s official. Jarred Liddington joins the Andis Education Team.

It’s official! Jarred Liddington has been appointed as the latest educator to join the Andis Global Education Team. Jarred’s faultless fades and innovative shapes bring yet more fresh ideas to the existing team that includes some of the UK and Irelands most high impact talents. “Alongside Leading European Educator Baldy, Sid Sottung and Hayden Cassidy – to name but a few – Jarred is among some of the UK’s leading names who are inspiring and educating barbers in the craft with Andis tools,” says Senior Manager of Corporate Communications Bruce Bock.

At just 26, Jarred’s raw talent, passion for barbering and technical prowess has seen his career accelerate from a qualified hairdresser to barbershop owner and media commentator in just 6 years. “After qualifying as a hairdresser in 2012, I was disillusioned with salon life, so I took a year out and worked in a factory,” says Jarred. “I focussed on barbering and after doing cuts for workers there I knew I’d found my calling, so I left and in 2014 opened my own barbershop. It was the best decision I ever made!”

Jarred has a strong social and trade media presence and a super busy shop with a distinct vintage meets industrial-vibe. “It’s a lifestyle brand for the modern man and I want to take my approach and creativity to audiences for Andis. Clippers, trimmers and hand-held tools are intrinsic to our craft and in my view, there are none better than Andis. I am proud to represent Andis and promote their quality to barbers around the world.”

Bruce Bock: “We’re delighted that Jarred has joined us and we’re so excited about what he brings to our team. Education is front and centre of what Andis does but the personalities are important to communicate with barbers. Jarred will be a great asset.”

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