Award Winning Barber Launches The Barbers Voice Podcast

Award winning barber, Mike Taylor has launched a new podcast, The Barbers Voice, talking about the business side of barbering from opening a shop to the music people choose to play in their barbershop.

Anyone that has ever had a conversation with Mike Taylor will know he likes to chew the fat over anything barbering related and isn’t afraid to tackle the odd controversial topic.

It was after bending his clients’ ears about what is wrong with the barbering industry, that they suggested he voice his opinions on his very own podcast. As Mike is well known for giving his honest opinion – even if it’s not the most popular, his friends and colleagues had also encouraged him to give it a go.

The Barbers Voice is designed to get barbers talking about industry issues and collectively raising the standard of barbering. Having over three decades of experience in the industry, Mike has
always been an advocate for high standards in barbering and raising the bar on professionalism. With the cost of living crisis and the amount of barbershops opening on the high street, ensuring your career and business is successful has never been harder.

With 14 episodes recorded to date, The Barbers Voice covers everything for the barber, owner, educator, student and even people thinking about entering this incredible industry. Mike tackles
everything from why it’s hard for barbershops to take on apprentices, self employed vs employed, barber licenses and the cash vs card debate. Although to date, all episodes are solo podcasts, Mike is keen to get fellow professionals involved for conversation, healthy debate, words of wisdom and industry updates.

The episodes are short and snappy, designed to fit in with barbers busy schedules. So whether your on your way to work, in-between clients or eating your lunch, these bite-size podcast episodes will get you engaged with hot industry topics.

The Barbers Voice can be downloaded on Buzzsprout, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Casts. To suggest any topics, please email