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Barber kit bag essentials – How many do you have?

barber mens hairdresser kit bag

Jim Shaw is a multi-award winning men’s hairdresser and owner of the TONI&GUY Billericay salon, where he was one of the first to bring men’s hairdressing and barbering together when he opened the first men’s concept salon before bringing this into the TONI&GUY Billericay salon.

Jim now educates on all things men’s hairdressing, helping aspiring men’s hairdressers to become the best in their craft. We chat with Jim about what’s his men’s hairdressing kit bag – his must have products and tools for creating show stopping men’s hairdressing looks…


Wahl cordless clippers – For me, cordless clippers are a must. They allow you to work round the hair more easily, with freedom of movement. Clippers are great for cutting the hair short before using scissors or for creating super short haircuts like buzz cuts.


American Crew feather razor – One of my favourite tools that I use for almost all of my cuts, this helps to finish the look more seamlessly and add detail. I love to use this for adding texture into the hair and helping to provide the finished haircut with more shape.


TONI&GUY 7-inch scissors – when it comes to men’s hairdressing and barbering, one of the main differences is using a lot more scissors and putting away the clippers! I use scissors to help create clean lines and to get closer to the scalp for precision cutting. The scissor over comb technique is a classic men’s hairdressing technique that allows you to get closer to head and shorter hairs and helps to create more defined shape within the haircut.


Label M Gel – this is one of my favourite products for not only finishing hairstyles and giving the hair hold and strong shape but also to use a cutting agent/pre-styling product to help enhance the finished style and shape.


Label M Power Paste – I love this product for giving the hair serious texture, movement and definition. It is flexible and has a gentle hold, making it the perfect product for re-working. When used to finish a hair look this product is also great, as it gives the hair a healthy and shiny appearance.


American Crew Style Fiber – One of my favourite products for giving the hair a thicker appearance, texture and strong hold. This product also has a matte finish, which is great to use when trying to give the hair the appearance that little to no styling product has been used or when trying to create more natural hair looks.


This is an editorial feature, and all products have been chosen independently by Jim Shaw.