Barbers Become ‘Hair Loss Mentors’ With New Professional Qualification

The first of its kind CPD-Certified qualification, to provide barbers with the tools and knowledge to treat and prevent hair loss, has been launched by new professional hair care brand, DENSE, which specialises in bespoke preventative and restorative solutions for men.

This is part of the brand’s affiliate programme, where stylists must complete the course to become a qualified hair mentor, giving them a complete understanding of the causes and effects of the issue that affects over 6.5m men in the UK. The online course, which takes around an hour to complete, also covers the science behind hair growth and the way the DENSE products work, to enable barbers to comprehensively advise and work with their clients to overcome hair loss – be it prevention or to improve density

The intuitive course, which has been developed by the expert team behind Juvida, the UK’s most trusted hair transplant clinic, results in certificated approval to become a DENSE retailer and official hair mentor. It covers the physical and emotional impacts of hair loss, before moving into the technical details of hair anatomy, cycles and key triggers, enabling barbers to effectively tailor a solution to combat a client’s specific challenges.

Midlands-based barber, Laurence Edmonds, Founder and Director of Laurie Thomas Co. and newly qualified Hair Mentor, who has worked in the barbering industry for six years, comments on the importance of education around hair loss: “There is a historic lack of professional education around hair loss in men and how to actively help and advise clients, so the DENSE Hair Mentor course has been very welcome in my business, as have the products. The way they are formulated as everyday grooming items that can slot effortlessly and subtly into men’s daily routines is very smart.

“Hair loss is certainly more talked about in the public domain these days, with celebrities sharing details of their own journeys, and now is the perfect time for barbers to arm themselves with the knowledge to help their clients overcome their insecurities and deal with hair loss without the need for surgery.”


Laurence Edmonds


Whilst completing the course, barbers are also walked through the DENSE treatments and specific ingredients for effectively treating the different aspects of hair loss, along with clear information about the results their client can expect to see and when changes will start to happen.

Mo Ahmed, DENSE and Juvida Co-Founder, comments: “Having worked in the hair loss sector for over 10 years, we fully understand hair loss and the impact this can have on a person’s self-esteem. We are on a mission to help men hold onto their hair with fewer people needing clinical intervention, and we are committed to supporting men’s overall health with tried and tested solutions with no nasty side effects.

“Hair loss directly impacts mental health and confidence, and we commonly hear stories of men avoiding social situations, such as our outdoor events, places with cameras and mirrors, or anywhere that involves swimming or water, which is exhausting, demoralising, and often leads to devastating personal, social and work-related problems. Yet, every stage of hair loss can be treated with effective and safe solutions.”

Rachel Shaw, Founder of Mankind Male Grooming in Manchester and DENSE Hair Ambassador, adds: “I can now give scientifically informed advice about hair loss and the range of solutions available. From a business point of view, I feel this CPD-Certified qualification is another string to our bow, and certainly gives us a competitive edge.”

Becoming a CPD-Certified Hair Mentor further enhances barbers’ professional expertise in hair care, whilst allowing them to empower their clients with industry-leading knowledge. What’s more, the collaboration with DENSE will provide an additional income stream and give barbering businesses access to a network of UK-wide hair mentors to become part of a movement to break down the stigma around hair loss.

DENSE’s full range includes 15 prescriptive and non-prescriptive products to help men at any stage of hair loss, with its prevent, stop, regrow system. The formulas, which contain active ingredients such as finasteride, botanical & biotechnological extracts and minoxidil, span everyday grooming and styling products and accessories, and a range of pharmaceutical sprays which can all be purchased and prescribed by qualified specialists on the DENSE website.

The process to becoming a Hair Mentor and DENSE affiliate partner is simple. Barbers can click the affiliate link on to sign up as a hair mentor to complete their online course and receive their certificate, welcome pack and a unique link. Barbers can then start talking to their customers and followers about hair loss and share the link which gives them 5% off every initial and ongoing sale made by any client that uses the link to sign up for their online consultation. Barbers and business owners can log into their personalised DENSE dashboard at any time to check out what they’ve earned, with rewards and further earnings as they grow their own network.

There is no initial investment, the course is free and affiliate partners receive exclusive event invites and discounts for treatments and products for their own use. DENSE is a registered UK pharmacy, and each customer is vetted by experts to ensure the user’s medical history and unique biology is taken into account when treatments are recommended and supplied.


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