Brits travel far to visit barbers

Customer loyalty is high on the agenda for most barbers, and it’s paying off according to recent research. A study, released by American Express to coincide with Small Business Saturday last month, puts barbers and hairdressers at the top of the list of small businesses that Brits will travel furthest to visit. Consumers are willing to travel up to 36 miles to visit their favourite independent businesses, with the most popular reasons for returning being personal service, specialist knowledge and unique products. A huge 85% of consumers said they were willing to go out of their way to return to a small business and 47% are willing to visit another town or city. If you’re considering a significant shop move, there is no need to worry because over half of those surveyed said they would continue to use a small business even if it moved location.

Small Business Saturday launched in the UK on 3rd December 2016, tying in with the start of the busy pre-Christmas sales period for small business owners.

The top 10 small businesses the public say they will travel furthest to visit:
1. Hairdresser or barber
2. Café or restaurant
3. Medical specialist (e.g. physiotherapist)
4. Dentist
5. Specialist food supplier (e.g. butcher or baker)
6. Garage or mechanic
7. Pub or bar
8. Clothing retailer
9. Professional services (e.g. lawyer or accountant)
10. Bookshops