Best barber stretches – save your wrists!

Those busy days in the barbershop add up to years of experience and a whole lot of fades and cuts, so it’s essential to take care of the most important kit of all – YOU! MB spoke with fitness expert, personal trainer and DJ Lucia Farina who regularly helps barbers work out those professional kinks. Lucia’s number one stretch for hair professionals is the wrist and hand stretch. Keep reading for Lucia’s best barber stretches…

“The muscles between fingers and wrists can shorten in barbering and this stretch reminds the muscles and tendons to lengthen and helps avoid pain and weird sensations in the hands and knuckles. As shown, stand side on to the wall. Raise your arm to shoulder height and spread your hand flat to the wall with your fingers stretched wide. This opens out the chain of muscles from the chest to the wrists and fingers. If that stretch is too uncomfortable initially then just pop a rolled towel under the heel of your hand. Repeat with the back of your hand and hold the stretch until you feel a change of sensation in the forearm muscles. Repeat for the other arm.”

Thanks Lucia!

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