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Calling All Barbering Business Leaders!

Whether you manage a single barbershop or own a nationwide group, great leadership is essential to the success of any barbering business.

There is no one-size-fits-approach to leadership — all great leaders have their own way of doing things. But the result of your methods should always be a team that is motivated and feels valued, a client base that is loyal and a bottom line that keeps growing.

If you feel you have what it takes to win in this highly competitive category, there is still time to impress our judges with your business prowess — entries for the Modern Barber Awards are open until 22 April.

Last year’s winner of the Best Business Leader Award  was Mike Taylor, founder of Mike Taylor Education who also took home the award for Best Training, leaving the judges in no doubt as to his business acumen.

To take top honours in this category you’ll need to demonstrate unique vision, purpose, commitment, tenacity and commercial strength. We are looking for truly exceptional leaders, so you will really need to impress the expert judging panel. But we believe you have what it takes!

So what would be Mike’s advice if you’re thinking about entreing this year? “Take your time on your entry, have fun with it and really enjoy explaining what you do and what you have in place. Entering competitions should really make you feel proud of what you have achieved so far and what you could do in the future to improve your business.”


– As this is about business acumen, judges will be looking for financial figures that demonstrate your effectiveness as a leader, as well as anecdotal evidence.

– Our judges love turnover and profit graphs, as well as case studies of how you have led your team and grown your barbering business over the past 18 months.