In the chair with…Jen Winters

MB asked Jen Winters of PhoneyPony Barbers what she is being asked for in the chair.

“I’m known for my vintage looks with a modern, textured twist. Where we are based in Essex we work on what is known as the ‘Essex Pomp’, with the hair pushed back at the front and flowing. Recently there has a been a step away from longer styles towards more textured looks. I’ve been using less of the heavy pomades and more of the grooming hair sprays and matte pastes to achieve a messy texture. Men are taking better care of their scalps too. When you’ve got men using body wash as shampoo then adding oils to their hair in the heavy matte clays it can cause scalp problems. Products like Fresh Head keep the scalp nice and healthy and curly hair nice and moisturised. I particularly like Fresh Heads Tonic which we put in all our water bottles.

PhoneyPony’s latest “Twisted” collection showcases Jen’s modern take on the classic “Pomp”, with solid lines and a softer, more texturised look.


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