In the chair with…Alan Beak

In our regular feature, MB asks top barbers what clients are asking for in the chair. Today we ask Alan Beak  what’s popular at Ruger.

“Men are generally feeling more comfortable styling and wearing longer styles. It’s about adding a taper at the temples and neckline, giving men traditional styles with a contemporary twist. Things like our “How to” style and wear longer hair using a range of products on Instagram have helped make it easier. There is also a move towards natural-looking wavy hair. A couple of years ago men were looking at people like Joey Essex from TOWIE, but the waves were being forced, they were getting perms. Achieving a natural-looking wave with texture on top involves cutting the style into the haircut and allowing the wave to be achieved with minimum effort.”

During 2018 Alan and his brother Reece are embarking on The Spotlight Tour, which gives barbers the opportunity to combine hairdressing skills with state of the art photography. The tour brings together contemporary hair tuition with a professional photo shoot set in secret locations throughout the UK. If you would like course details with dates and locations please send a short email with who you are and why you would like to take part to

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