In the Chair with…Tom Burbidge

MB asks top barbers what clients are asking for in the chair right now. Today we ask Tom Burbidge what he and his busines partner Nathan Haley are being asked for at notjust in Manchester.

“We are approached for artistic work rather than more traditional cuts. Nathan in particular gets a lot of requests for high end fashion looks, and some quite out there stuff. We see a lot of Asian-inspired work, lots of texture, lots of disconnections and even some mullets this year. Because we don’t really go for the traditional barbershop approach, we don’t get asked to do many side parts or the more preppy look. We do still get asked for a lot of beards. The major difference between now and six months ago is the move away from tapers. We were seeing a lot of layered hair and skin tapers, but clients are asking us for shorter sides again. It might have something to do with the TV series currently showing on Netflix creating a demand for more masculine haircuts. Last year we were being asked for longer quiffs, but it’s all coming off again now. Even Nathan and myself have got shorter haircuts.”

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