Check Out the World’s Best Mullet, According to Mulletfest

Check Out the ‘World’s Best Mullet’ Mulletfest

It’s no secret that the mullet has risen in popularity in recent years, securing its spot as a mainstream style for men and women alike. But did you know that since 2018, the small Australian town of Kurri Kurri – with a population of just 6,000 – has been hosting an event entirely dedicated to the style? Welcome to Mulletfest.

Humble Beginnings

Kurri Kurri resident, and publican of The Chelmsford Hotel, Laura Johnson, came up with the idea for Mulletfest back in 2018 after realising that the town needed something that would boost tourism while also maintaining a sense of community. The initial event attracted more than 4,000 people, and by the time it returned for its second stint, this figure had double, in addition to gaining media attention from across the globe.

Following the pandemic, Laura explained: “The tourism and hospitality industries which Mulletfest was designed to bolster had been decimated by the pandemic. We took Mulletfest on tour to do for other small towns what we had done for Kurri Kurri. The event’s success was multi-dimensional – just like the style itself.”

All For a Good Cause 

As if providing the local community with a boost and bringing people together wasn’t enough, since its inception, Mulletfest has also been raising money for the Mark Hughes Foundation, for research and care for those who have been diagnosed with brain cancer. Mark Hughes, a celebrated national Rugby league player, grew up in Kurri Kurri and was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. He has worked tirelessly to create a better outcome for those in his situation. Meanwhile, Mulletfest organiser, Laura Johnson, lost her friend, Matt Foster, to the disease in 2019.

2023 Winners

An Englishman, a Frenchman and an Aussie walked into a festival and they all got along brilliantly because Mullets bring people together. It has been said that if you are a fish out of water everywhere else, you’ll feel right at home at Mulletfest – and that statement has never been more true than at the 2023 Grand Final held at Hebburn Motorsports Park in Abermain on Saturday 2 December.

The competition was fierce with finalists making their way from all over the country, with a couple of internationals trying to beat the Aussie’s at their own game. They made it hard on the judges. The styles and well-maintained locks were one thing, but if you are proudly rocking a mullet, you probably have a huge personality. With stage presence a big part of the final scores, it came down to the strut and the cut.

Check out the 2023 winners…

0 to 3 – Nash Machielse
4 to 7 – Jedric Jackman
8 to 13 – Harley Crampton
14 to 17 – Logan Stevenson

Vintage – Robert Walsh
Rookie – Lisa Wright
Everyday – Mitchell White
Grubby – Shaun Jackson
Ranga – Hadrien Le Roy
Extreme – Allan Williamson
International – Alastair Bush
Family – The Paynter Family

The winner of the top prize, Best Mullet of them all, was Mitchell White.