Easydry sign Chris Foster and Gary Machin

EasyDry has signed Gary Machin and Chris Foster as ambassadors to promote the company’s two barber products.

Gary, chairman of the Barber Council and founder of RB Training, wants to persuade barbers that cotton towels and laundering is a waste of time and money.  “Easydry towels are ideal for male grooming as they are hygienic, high-performing and cost-effective. They are three times more absorbent than cotton and are the best towels for barbers in my opinion.”

As a world-renowned barber and educator, and director of the Foss Academy, Chris Foster adds, “My guests love the luxury of having a personal towel at every visit and my team love the convenience. Easydry barber towels and thermal towels are totally hygienic and perfect for male grooming.”

Easydry’s Short Towel is ideal for drying shorter hair while the thicker thermal towel can be heated or cooled for use during a hot shave, to open and close pores. Chris has used the Easydry towels for session work, photoshoots and education tours. He recently filmed a “how to” hot shave video, which shows the correct techniques for performing a hot shave and also demonstrates how to get the very best results from the Easydry Barber Range.