Dale delivers, eh!

Barbering educator Dale Ted Watkins (@DaleTedWatkins) still serves a loyal list of clients and is always happy to oblige when they need a cut. When he got a text from one that says ?Dale I?ve landed the most incredible photographer to shoot my album cover! How?d you feel about it if we fly you out to Canada to cut my hair?? He just skipped on over to the airport to start the 3500 mile journey. Dale said ?I landed Tuesday night and it was -15, I thought my ears were going to fall off. I jumped in a waiting limo to a beautiful hotel in downtown Toronto. Quick dinner with the client in the coolest Sushi restaurant on the planet and then bed before cutting his hair the next day and getting back on a plane. I did get a bit of time to shop and Toronto is an incredible city. Love my job!?

Picture credit: Dale Ted Watkins courtesy of Dean Chalkey