Debunking Common Grooming Myths

Grooming myths can be a real pain when you’re trying to advise your clients on how to introduce a homecare regime into their busy lives. As the expert, being able to debunk these myths is key to ensuring your client’s hair health as well as that all important client loyalty.

Murdock London Master Barber Miles Wood-Smith dispels some of the most common grooming myths clients have about their hair:

Wearing hats causes baldness

While it’s best not to wear a hat every day, as it does put extra pressure on the hair, it won’t make your client bald. A hat can be a good thing for thinning hair when it’s hot and sunny, offering an extra layer of protection, although be prepared for sweat build-up — nothing a cool-water wash won’t cure!

Hair grows faster in the sun

Yes, Vitamin D does make hair grow slightly quicker, but you can’t get enough of it during a two-week break to make a noticeable difference. Over-exposure to the sun could have the opposite effect as it can dry hair out, cause split ends, and even cause breakage on longer hair. Always remind clients to protect the scalp from the sun.

Cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster

Nope! But a regular trim does help keep hair looking healthier, and getting rid of any dry
ends, which will make it easier to grow it longer and stronger.

There’s no difference between a £10 haircut and £50 haircut

Well, there certainly should be. For £50 clients should expect to get a full grooming experience with a highly skilled barber who will be able to advise them and give the best possible cut tailored for their hair. A barber charging £10 will have significantly less time to really tailor the haircut and listen to a client’s needs, that’s why it can end up looking like they only give a one-size fits all haircut.

Baldness can be cured

Short of a full-on transplant, there is no quick fix to baldness. Certain products can help thicken individual hairs to give an appearance of more hair, but there is no miracle cure. A great haircut, executed by an expert barber is a client’s best bet for making the most of the hair they have and helping disguise those bald spots.

You need to wash your hair every day

Too much shampooing can strip hair of its natural oils. If clients really overdo it, their scalp may go into overdrive to compensate, producing so much natural oil that they end up in a vicious cycle of washing and greasiness. We’d recommend washing hair around three times a week with a product such as Murdock London Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo for clean, healthy and glossy hair.

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