Follow the sheep to stand out from the herd – natural ingredients are big business for Fine Fettle Grooming.

The natural oils derived from sheep wool are the perfect base for perfectly moisturised and nourished skin and facial hair. Danny Baggs and Stuart Morse, the founders of Fine Fettle Grooming know this because of the exhaustive research they put into their brand before launch back in 2015. Paraben free, no nasties products are in demand as consumers become increasingly aware of the long term risks associated with some widely available ingredients in the personal care sector. Danny and Stuart are passionate about creating products that work naturally with hair and skin and have created a brand that works in harmony with the oils and moisture skin secretes daily. Of course Stuart’s own magnificent beard has been a brilliant test subject too!

Co-founder Danny Baggs says: “Our philosophy at Fine Fettle is to build all our products on a foundation of conditioning and care. Obviously, they all have incredible styling properties too, but if hair is not conditioned, hydrated and nourished it will never look its best. We source ingredients from nature that complement the natural functions of skin and hair, soothing and caring for the face, as they condition and nourish hair.”

Medical grade lanolin derived from the wool of sheep is hypoallergenic and approved by the British Skin Foundation and is the ingredient that Danny and Stuart found to set Fine Fettle apart from the competition. For hirsute men, lanolin works in conjunction with sebum, an oily, waxy substance secreted from glands in the skin. Together lanolin and sebum work to create a natural, breathable barrier that retains moisture, preventing hair and skin from drying out. The result is skin that is hydrated and healthy, meaning facial hair is naturally conditioned, keeping is soft and full of shine.

Leading on pure ingredients means all of the brands products are packed with good stuff and rich in vitamins that leave hair supple and skin glowing. Oh…and as we slide into summer (at last!) there’s lots of UV protection too.

Skip by Fine Fettle’s stand C5 at Barber Connect on 3-4 June at the International Centre Telford to stock up.