Fudge styles GQ Men of the Year

The GQ Men Of The Year Awards, in association with Hugo Boss, has just celebrated its 20th year at the Tate Modern. The models, who mingled with celebrities including Simon Pegg, Amy Schumer and Nile Rodgers, were styled by Fudge collaborator Lisa Farrell and a team incorporating Kat Hand, April Richards, Ami Giwa, Suhyun Kang, Chloe Eccleston and Carli Frank. The overall look was super slick, expensive-looking hair paired with sharp partings to match the Hugo Boss suits and bow ties.

Lisa Farrall said: “Each boy had their own look and style, from skin heads to curly locks, dreads to fades. I wanted to maintain everyone’s individuality whilst still making them look like superstars. This called for all boys to be totally groomed and sexy, but each with individual swag.”

The event drew in over 400 men from film, music, sport, TV, books, politics and more including Elton John, Aiden Turner, Chris Pine, Michael Caine and Patrick Stewart. www.gq-magazine.co.uk