Go With The Mo – Moustache Tutorial

The moustache has moved on. The vintage gent is history once more, and the curled corners are truly a thing of the past. Thanks to Dacre Montgomery’s character in Stranger Things and Chris Evans’ character in The Gray Man – plus a host of moustaches on sports and music celebs – the 80’s adaptation is seeing a resurgence. Here, Denman ambassador Mike Taylor of Mike Taylor Education shares a short tutorial on moustache maintenance for those clients embracing the trend.


Step 1

Remove all unwanted hair outside the moustache area.


Step 2

Use a trimmer or scissor-over-comb to take off facial hair to the desired length. (Mike prefers a Denman barbering comb for perfect control.) The key to the look is the shape – not too bushy! Go just beyond the corners of the mouth. Don’t use clipper guards as they will be too big.


Step 3

Shape up the moustache using a trimmer with a freehand technique to create the shape. Brush away unwanted hair gently.


Step 4

Using the edge of the trimmer, gently remove unwanted hair from the top lip.


Step 5

Use the mirror to check for balance and symmetry.


Finished look


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