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Have talent, will travel


Barbering has to be one of the best ways to earn a living and your portable skills cantake you anywhere

Miguel Gutierrezs journey started in Liverpool but these days hes travelling undera pseudonym. The Nomad Barber (@thenomadbarber) took his tools on the road inearly 2013, hes been blogging his experiences ever since at the says I wasnt too gifted academically and barbering looked like a good socialtrade. I started travelling at 18 and ended up walking into a trade test for Patricksin Sydney, Australia. Ive added a lot of experience since then and after I won theAmerican Crew Face OFF I decided to begin a project that involves three things Ilove, barbering, travel and filming.Miguels barbering pilgrimage has taken him through Europe, the Middle East andFar East and will take in the USA before coming home to meet his UK barberingbrothers and sisters at BarberConnect (@BarberConnect) in May. The world is awonderful place and Im so proud to call myself a barber after having barbers fromall walks of life embrace me as a friend, shares Miguel.

Luke Strickland (@thebarberluke) found his barbering destination at We Need AHero Mens Grooming in Singapore. So how did Luke get there?I went to University and had different jobs that never made me happy, so I followedmy original dream of becoming a barber. I LOVE this craft and I could never imaginedoing anything else. I plan to take the highest level of this awesome art form roundthe world with me but for now Im in Singapore. Every day is warm, Im travellingIndonesia in my spare time and a higher calibre barber was badly needed here. Athird of the community is expat and all of them have haircut horror stories. I wasfully booked by the end of month one, explains Luke.

Mike Taylor and Sheriff Mehmet of the British Barbers Association (BBA@BritishBarbers) spent a flying visit to the 5* Mandarin Oriental Hotel in HongKong in Autumn 2013, they spent a hectic 4 days training the barbering team in cutthroat shaves and advanced cuttingthe BBA way! The BBA is proud to say thatthey have been invited to return later in 2014. Mike says What a great experienceand one that really helped us showcase British barbering to a group of very variedprofessionals. Combining teaching with travelling is brilliant.

Always check any permissions to work or visas for your destination. Tell us whereyou would go @modernbarbermag #barbertravel