How to conduct a beard and moustache consultation

Matt Raine has a secret identity and those in the know call him Mr Natty. Matt has his very own range of preparations for the hair, tache and beard and a list of loyal gentlemen clients. Follow Mr Natty’s tips for ‘Nattier’ clients:

Don’t tell, ask it’s important to take time to understand your client and let them get comfortable. Many men find their first shave or beard and moustache trim a bit daunting. Ask open questions and add some humour.

Take your time – don’t rush, for lots of men this is a real opportunity to enjoy a treatment. Focus on caring about their needs. Many men have dry skin under their beards or troublesome in growing hairs so take the time to notice and give them expert advice.

Get creative – frequently clients come with pictures and ideas of the kind of facial hair style they like and you should welcome that. I recommend that they bring a collection of inspirational shots on their phones or iPads. Do be firm about what is suitable, talk about ‘interpreting’ the look and tailoring for them.

Think for the future – I recommend that my clients just let their established beard and moustache hair go feral between visits. A few preparations are all the home care they need, so don’t advise them to go snipping at it.

You can find Mr Natty online at, stop by for his beard and moustache tutorial videos. Follow @mrnatty, instagram