How to get fit with boxing?

David Andrews is an amateur boxing and combat coach and a personal trainer. He works with his customers (from barbers to celebs) to create a bespoke programme that will help them reach their fitness goals. When he?s not at KX Gym (, a private members club in Chelsea, you will find David working with young people at The Fight for Peace Academy in London. ?Fight for Peace is community project that gives young people a positive and life affirming focus to their energy. It?s pretty amazing to see how controlled fitness and boxing transforms lives,? says David.

Here are David?s tips for hitting your fitness goals head on:

Tip 1 ? to improve your cardio vascular fitness try boxing over running. Many people are demotivated and bored by the tread mill but put on a pair of gloves and hit the pads and bags and it instantly engages you, so you?ve worked out before you know it.

Tip 2 ? improve your mental sharpness by focusing aggression and stress into combination punching. You can either be a thinking fighter or an instinctive fighter but both demand learning technique and skill.

Tip 3 ? good boxing needs mobility, flexibility, coordination and functional strength. Just building a few muscle sets is far less value than cross training for those four balanced qualities. A good coach will help you keep that balance.

Tip 4 ? the best nutrition is all about ?eating clean?. It?s not about reducing carbs it?s about NO processed and packaged food ? proper food doesn?t need a label. Go with meat, fish, eggs, fresh vegetables, nuts and fruits. Keep it simple and keep it real.

Tip 5 ? to see if boxing is for you, check out your local amateur boxing club and speak to the coaches. Many clubs have fitness training sessions on certain days that are open to everyone not just members. So get down there and watch and get involved. You can also check out the

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