How to take care of your Belmont…

Kelvin Moore of Retro Belmonts knows barber chairs inside out, literally! He’s seen the casualties of poor basic Belmont care first hand and knows that with a little regular TLC those ever-lasting Belmonts will be even better for longer. Take heed, your Belmont will love you for it, Kelvin says:

  1. Make sure you give your Belmont a regular deep clean to prevent build-up of product residue and grime and prolong the cosmetic condition. Blow away any loose hairs and then use hot soapy water once a week to clean the upholstery. Never use harsh products including polish! Buff with a dry cloth for a great finish.
  2. The hydraulic system is the most important part of the chair and should be serviced annually. It gets daily abuse and can become clogged. An annual health check on the hydraulics will prevent a break down and help keep your work horse in tip top condition.
  3. Getting a glow on your chrome is an easy way to keep your chairs looking impressive. We recommend Autosol Chrome Polish and you can pick it up from B&Q or Halfords. A soft dry cloth and some good old fashioned elbow grease will replenish the chrome and remove minor rust spots providing a high shine.
  4. Grab yourself a spanner and toolbox and check each chair regularly. Most damage is caused when fixings work loose and parts become damaged due to continuous use. Most shops we visit that experience problems are due to neglect and you can save money by completing this simple task.

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