Matchmaker Lilly Dillon opens The Barber Agency

According to former Ruffians manager Lilly Dillon, when it comes to recruitment one size does not fit all. After 25 years experience as a barber, trichologist and barbershop manager, Lilly decided to tackle the problem by setting up The Barber Agency, a recruitment company that matches barbers with brands.

“Recruitment was always my biggest headache. Every time a new shop opened, my three or four best barbers would move to the new start up and I’d face the same problem,” says Lilly. “The applicants that walked through the door either didn’t have the right skills, hadn’t done their research or they just weren’t the right fit for the shop. I’d end up sending them down the road to other barbershops.”

Lilly’s experience taught her that barbers and barbershops are unique and the reasons why people leave or are unhappy are wide and varied. “Most people think that it’s all about money,” says Lilly, “but it’s not. Yes, salary plays a big part but it’s also about finding a barber that suits your environment, culture and type of services. When recruiting, people treat all barbers and barbershops as if they are the same, which is crazy. You wouldn’t do the same for restaurants and chefs, so why do the same for barbers?”

Getting it wrong time and time again is time consuming and can have a negative impact on business and an individual barber’s career. The solution comes in the form of Lilly’s new matchmaking service, The Barber Agency, which puts personalities together with the right barbershops and vice versa.

Whether it’s a full time or part time position, education assignment or photoshoot, The Barber Agency promises to carry out detailed research into the barber and the position that needs to be filled to understand the type of shop, the position or the project.

“A strict interviewing process looks at a barber’s training, history and skill set and tough trade tests ensure that the barber’s skills are as good as they say they are,” says Lilly.

Got a recruitment headache of your own? Check out and Lilly’s new Instagram page @thebarberagency or drop her a line at