Modern Barber Awards: Showcase Your Client Experience

modern barber awards client experience

It takes dedication and passion to create the very best client experience and we want to hear from the shops that make every customer feel like a King. From refreshments to grooming services and in-chair massages, it pays to go the extra mile when it comes to nurturing a loyal clientele. If you’re proud of the client journey you’ve crafted, tell us about it.

Speaking to Modern Barber, Deneka Greensmith from Substance Barbershops and winner of Best Client Experience in 2020 explained that a great client experience comes down to all three steps of the service: “Making sure the moment they walk into the salon and the moment they leave the salon is a top service. It’s easy to rush through all these steps but taking it back to the basics is good for adding to the experience. Things like eye contact, saying hello when someone comes in the door make all the difference. The first five seconds is the most important five seconds of that experience,” adding that providing that bespoke experience for regulars as well as new clients is just as important. “We focus on learning, uncovering and adapting all our new ideas to keep getting better and making everyone that comes through the door feel as comfortable as possible.”

Entries for the 2024 Modern Barber Awards are open now, but make sure you leave plenty of time to get your winning entry in, because entries close on 16 February 2024.

Why Enter?

There are so many reasons to enter the Modern Barber Awards, but one standout reason is to spotlight the amazing work of you and your team. As the winner of Best Client Experience at the 2023 Modern Barber Awards, Zamaine Ismail, Owner of West and Hunter said: “We all support each other, we all help each other. It’s a team unit – it’s not just me, it’s a team. That’s why I wanted them to be here today because we are a family. We work together and we win together.”

Plus, winning a Modern Barber Award can boost your career in more ways than one. Winners of Best Client Experience in 2022, Kropper told us: “Winning Best Client Experience was a huge deal for our young shop. It reinforced to us that we were on the right track. It made the staff feel good that they were in one of the top shops in the country and striving for better. We still have clients coming in based on the fact we are an award winning barbershop, and it remains our most liked Instagram post we’ve had. It felt like a real step up for us and it drives us to improve even more!”

How to Enter

Describe your client journey through the barbershop, give us all the details – the music you play, the finishing touches. Evidence will set you apart, back up your words with numbers; what percentage of your customers return to the barbershop more than three times in 18 months? If you have customer review ratings, like Facebook or Google, don’t forget to include those. For more details, head here. 

If you have more than one barbershop, please focus on just one for the purposes of this entry.

Top Tips for Entering the ‘Client Experience’ category at the Modern Barber Awards

  • It takes dedication and passion to create the very best client experience – we want to hear from the shops that make every customer feel special.
  • Words are good, but evidence is great – back up your entry with photos, statistics and more.
  • Don’t be shy – this is your time to show off your hard work and how much your clients mean to you.
  • Don’t forget your team, your workplace culture is just as important to your client experience.
  • Keep your answers clear and concise.

Enter the Modern Barber Awards 2024 here!