Modern Barber Awards: Win the ‘Social Barber’ Award

Modern Barber Awards Social Barber

A brand new category at the Modern Barber Awards 2024, ‘Social Barber’ celebrates individuals and shops that have exponentially increased their business growth through their online platforms. Whether you’re captivating potential clients with your impressive transformations, or showing off your shop’s personality by regularly sharing Reels, we want to hear from you.

Why Enter?

Entering ‘Social Barber’ at the Modern Barber Awards can help raise your businesses profile, and help secure you a spot in front of some of the most influential brands and figures in the industry. Meanwhile, winning a Modern Barber Award is also a great accolade to share with your clientele, letting them know that you’re one of the best.

How to Enter

While the entry form requires you to share your follower count, there is so much more that will be taken into consideration for this award. For example, you’ll also be asked how you keep your social media fresh, and you will be asked to provide three testimonials from customers who discovered you through social media. Plus, if you’re worried about your writing ability, you’ll also be able to support your entry by sharing a 90 second video, where you’ll have the opportunity to explain why you should win the ‘Social Barber’ award.

Sharing some words of wisdom, Margot Wouters, Awards Coordinator at the Professional Beauty Group, advises: “Keep your answers clear and concise. Provide anecdotal and numerical evidence where appropriate, and make sure to include lots of examples and evidence to support your entry. Including high res images is also important, as they might end up in print in Modern Barber.”

Enter the Modern Barber Awards 2024 here!