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Moonin’ California


Chris Moon (@kutzbarbers, Instagram @thegeordiebarber) already has three popular barber shops in the North East but recently lifes got even busier. Chris has bagged the job of Creative Artistic Director for Hairbond ( and was invited along to demo his skills on Hairbonds stand at ISSE in Long Beach, California. Chris says I did about ten cuts on each of the three days of the show and took my time to work the crowd and give them a taste of my skills and what the products could do. It was always busy. I just pulled people out of the crowd to get cuts and mostly they wanted hard parts and pomps, all the stuff that has been so popular in Europe. Chris took loads of questions about techniques like scissor-over-comb, however the Geordie accent was quite a tough one for our American cousins and the British humour was even tougher! Turns out, that when the waitresses and retail assistants ask how are you doing today? they dont actually need an answer! I got some really weird looks, says Chris. They better get used to it because hell be back.

Picture credit: Chris Moon and Scott Michaels of Hairbond