My top five products by Kade Kut

Kade Kut is a multi-award winning barber and co-owner of Image Barber in Bedford. Kade specialises in Afro texture and patterns. Kade says “The right product is so important because it finishes your haircuts or your artistic creation. If you don’t have the right product for the job then it’s like building a house with no roof!” As a talented and experienced barber, Kade is often asked to work with brands but only picks the best, the ones that make a barbers life better or easier. MVRCK by Mitch is Kade’s brand of choice after he was invited to participate in the UK launch last year. Kade says “I loved the products instantly and they suit my style of barbering. It’s a product made by barbers for barbers!” These are Kade’s top five!

Number 1  – MVRCK Original Pomade: “it gives a great hold and texture for Afro hair making curls tight and giving them a nice glossy finish.”

Number 2  – MVRCK Cooling Aftershave Gel: “which gives a nice soothing finish to razor work.”

Number 3  – MVRCK Dry Paste: “good for scissored texture and choppy looks for European and Asian hair.”

Number 4MVRCK Grooming Spray: “great to apply before blow drying, similar to a salt spray but with a much better scent!”

Number 5  – MVRCK Skin Tonic: “similar to Bay Rum, great to reduce redness after shaving, leaving face feeling replenished.”

MVRCK by Mitch truly is a range created from the talents and knowledge of a team of US barbers and every product in the range was put through its paces in busy barbershops.