Public back mandatory UK barber register

The Hair and Barber Council is upping the pressure on Parliament to introduce a mandatory UK register of barbers and hairdressers, in order to boost regulation and standards within the industry. A report, entitled ‘Research Report Hairdressing and Barbering: the case for Mandatory Registration’ was based on the survey responses of 2000 individuals, including 700 industry professionals. In summary, 82% of people believe barbers should be trained and qualified in order to practice in the United Kingdom and 74% said barbers should have a licence proving they are qualified.

 “Customers think all hairdressers are highly trained professionals, yet the truth is that anyone can open up tomorrow and cut and colour hair. We need to ensure that we are listening and doing all we can to protect consumers’ interests in our industry,” says Ben Dellicompagni, managing director, Francesco Group and vice chair of The Hair and Barber Council.

Keith Conniford, CEO and Registrar of The Hair and Barber Council adds: “Without mandatory state registration, the hair, barber and beauty industries will never receive the professional status they need and deserve. The public will never be properly protected and the image by the public, and parents of young people coming out of school and making their future career choices, will continue to be a ‘default’ choice, with low expectations of future prospects and high earnings potential.”

For more info, contact The Hair and Barber Council or watch The Hair Council on BBC Breakfast News.