Skills You’ll Learn as a Barbering Apprentice

Barbering Apprenticeship

Are you interested in a career in barbering? For Modern Barber’s Apprentice Week 2023, we spoke to some experts for some of the most important – and useful – things you’ll learn as a barbering apprentice, plus the benefits!

Benefits of barbering apprenticeships

One of the main benefits of doing a barbering apprenticeship is that it’s a great way to be introduced to barbering as a career path. “You can find yourself working and learning from some very talented teams,” says Mikey Pearson, Co-Owner at Manifesto London. “Most of all, it’s a real-life, immersive experience. Learning customer care and professionalism on the shop floor is the best way to find out if it’s the right career for you.”

Likewise, according to Bobby Gordon at Fella’s, it’s the best way to learn the trade. “Apprenticeships offer a real taste of the barbershop environment. If you’re in the right shop, you will be surrounded by people you can learn from. You start to understand all aspects of running a busy column and how to deal with the public. It’s also more likely you will have the chance to progress with whoever has trained you. We have shop managers who were once apprentices and have moved up the ladder.”

Skills you’ll learn as a barbering apprentice


Firstly, you will learn various skills as a barbering apprentice from “hands-on experience which will really benefit you”, Mikey tells us. “Plus, the theory side of barbering which includes things like head shapes and hair types right through to more practical skills like cutting, blow drying and styling,” says Bobby.

Customer Experience

Dealing with clients can be quite daunting when you have no experience of working with clients. But during your barbering apprenticeship this is another skill along with communication that you will get under your belt. “It allows you to be introduced into a working barbering atmosphere and see up close how a team works and understand customer care with clients,” says Mikey.

Maths and English Essentials

Maths and English in the workplace is a useful part of being a barbering apprentice. From speaking and listening in client consultations to ratios and problem solving on the spot.


From time management, teamwork, and organisation to building confidence, customer service and communication, this is where you can really make an impression of yourself and your barbershop to keep those clients coming back.


Teamwork is an essential part of not only your barbering apprenticeship but throughout your career. It’s not only important with clients but with team members as well, so make sure to focus on building relationships.

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