Slick move to barbering for Marc Cran

A former oil and gas worker has landed a barbering role at Aberdeen-based Huntsman barber shop. Formerly a workshop technician at an oil and gas company, Marc Cran completed a specialist six-month course in barbering before approaching Huntsman owner, Kyle Ross, for a job.

Marc decided to consider other careers after he was made redundant from two separate oil and gas companies within the space of six months. Barbering leapt out at him because of its creative and hands-on nature. Taking the leap, he undertook a barbering course at the Scottish Barbering School, living in Glasgow for three days a week and spending the remaining four days working at a local supermarket in Huntly. He did this for four months without any days off, alongside looking after his two-year-old daughter, a dedication that impressed his future boss, who said: “Marc is both confident and competent in the role. He has an eye for detail and is a complete perfectionist, which serves him very well in his new career as a barber.”

Mark said: “It was the impact of the downturn that gave me the final push to try something different and take up a completely new career. I get such satisfaction from seeing people leave my chair with a new-found confidence after getting their hair cut.”

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