Style it with MVRCK by Paul Mitchell

Busy barbers know they need products that are fit for purpose, smell great, wash out easily and look amazing on shelf. MVRCK by Paul Mitchell  is a range of products that were developed by a team of barbers working with Paul Mitchell R&D to create cruelty-free products that deliver on all those points – plus they can be blended together to suit the creative needs of even the most demanding of styles. Barber Baldy has two shops in  Buckinghamshire…here he shares the products he used to create just three customer styles.

Style one

“I used MVRCK Dry Paste which adds texture to the style and then I combed it out with a wide tooth comb to accentuate the comb lines.” Dry Paste is a lightweight molding paste that won’t flake.

Style two

“I love MVRCK Grooming Spray. I often use two applications of this product. For this cut I applied Grooming Spray, cut the top, then applied more Grooming Spray before blowdrying. I then finished with Dry Paste to thicken and add separation.” Grooming Spray is a light spray with buildable height and texture and natural shine.

Style three

“I applied MVRCK Grooming Spray as a pre-blowdry product. I also used MVRCK Blade Slip which I currently import from the US to sharpen the edges of the beard. It’s a kind of shave lotion that is great for the skin and hardens as it dries giving a really sharp line.”