The 10 Minute Chat: Ky Cut Wilson


At just 24 years old, Ky is quite the maverick. Heís a talented hairdresser thatís obsessed with barbering and for Ky itís ALL about the collaboration. Itís an approach that has seen his profile growÖas a blogger, as a barber, as a session stylist and as a creative thinker. MB chatted with him on the way to the skate parkÖ

MB: Can you give MB the lowdown?

KCW: Iím from the Lake District. I originally studied music but liked cutting my mates hair so when I needed a job it seemed natural to do hair. I never looked back.

MB: Call yourself a barber?

KCW: I do womenís hair but why not call myself a barber? Back in the Lake District I paid my own way to study cut throat shaving and I am really into that regal gentleman look. I research, study and practice all the traditional techniques for menís cutting and grooming. Itís got the richest heritage and you can create a brilliant service and experience for men beyond a cut.

MB: So whatís the future of barbering?

KCW: There is a need to really embrace proper skills and get into historical and technical barbering. Itís now totally normal to see someone dressed well with a great pomp, ripping it up at the skate park and great skills are on show everywhere. Social media has made it accessible to everyone.

MB: You got just nominated at the Male Lifestyle Blogger Awards for Why blog?

KCW: I started blogging about three years ago because my sister moved to the US and I wanted to show her what I was up to. I realised quickly that itís a brilliant way to connect to like minded people. I keep it evolving and let it mature along with me. The blog is an expression of me and my brand but itís also an expression of all the amazing people that I collaborate with from the designer Johnny Moss at to the manager at the Crate Brewery, Bar and Pizzeria in Hackney Wick.

MB: You choose some unusual methods to showcase your skills. Tell us about them?

KCW: Like I said, Iím into collaboration. I started #Ifoundmyhairdresser as a way to open interesting conversations, to create awareness and make people look twice. I work outside on the street. It looks random but itís not. Iíve connected with some great local businesses that way.

MB: Whatís next on your list?

KCW: I want to look to foreign cultures to study traditional skills that I donít currently have like ear flaming. Itís all about really building a massive experience based on tradition for men.

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