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Things to know before purchasing or changing barbershop software

If you have a barbershop, or if you are looking to open one soon, you may be aware of the plethora of different software solutions that are available. But not all software is created equal, and not all software is suitable for all barbers.

Before making a decision on purchasing barbershop software, it is important to assess what the needs of your business are, and what problems you are trying to overcome. It is also important to recognise what kind of business yours is, as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole can cause more problems than solutions. 

Staff Members 

How your business is set up in relation to staff members can make a big difference to what kind of software is suitable for you. If your barbershop utilises self-employed staff members on a commission basis, it is important that you can easily calculate how much each staff member owes, and when they owe it. If staff members are employed, you may be conscious of how much access staff have to sensitive client data, and how easily it can be exported. It is issues like these that often create a barrier for barbershops moving from a paper diary to a software solution.

No Shows

The dreaded client no show doesn’t just ruin your day, if left unchecked they can begin to eat away at your shop’s bottom line. There are a number of ways that the use of software can overcome this issue. Automated SMS or email reminders before the appointment can often be the difference between having your client in the chair on the day, rather than another “emergency doctor’s appointment”. On top of this, having clients prepay for their appointment or pay a deposit can also significantly reduce the chance of no-shows, and if they don’t show at least you are still getting paid.

The right software for you

Beu is a barbershop software solution that works for the owners, the staff and their clients. It allows barbershops with a mix of employed and self-employed staff to work seamlessly together on one system. As well as online bookings, diary and staff management, Beu has loads of features built into to maximise the efficiency of the business and increase revenue and client satisfaction. It has mobile apps for the staff and the clients, allowing bookings to be made and managed 24 hours a day, without having to call through to reception. Its plans start from just £25 a month, and with the code mb20, you could save up to £108 a year. Visit to upgrade your barbershop today.

Find out how to grow your barber business with Beu, without giving up your social life, here.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Beu.