This form of communication has become essential for barbers in 2020

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A new study from Yell Business has revealed how communication has changed in salons and barbers as a result of the pandemic. The main thing to note? Just how crucial instant messaging has become for business.

The survey revealed that over three quarters (74%) of hair and beauty businesses found that instant messaging is key for business success post COVID-19, while 98% have introduced new ways of communicating with their customers as a result of lockdown.

How has salon communication changed?

Out of all sectors that were studied in the report, the hair and beauty industry was found to be the most adaptable, with 100% of businesses surveyed introducing a new service in these challenging times. Of those new services:

  • 41% started doing online video consultations
  • 37% have started taking online bookings
  • 36% online video tutorials
  • 21% introduced contactless payment systems
  • 18% started home deliveries/visits

Over half (54%) of businesses who introduced a new service said it was crucial for them to be able to survive the pandemic, with 90% stating they plan on continuing the service post Covid-19.

What salon communication methods are best?

Over a quarter (28%) have started using WhatsApp to communicate with customers and 23% have started texting, while 18% of businesses have started using Facebook for the first time, followed closely by Instagram at 17%.

While a phone call is still the most popular communication method for hair and beauty businesses and their clients, the most effective marketing communication tool used by these businesses during the pandemic was found to be Facebook Messenger.

When asked whether the tool had been either ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ effective since March’s national lockdown, 67% of businesses stated that it had. Direct mail (66%), a Facebook page (64%), SMS texting (64%), WhatsApp (63%) and Instagram direct messaging (58%) followed.

As a result, nearly a third (32%) of businesses surveyed said that instant messaging is key for business success post Covid-19, while 33% stated they had seen an uplift in enquiries thanks to using instant messaging services during the pandemic. Furthermore, 33% said that they had seen an uplift in repeat business and 30% saw an increase in sales.

Additionally, 74% of business owners state that they are optimistic about the success of their business in 2021.

Have you noticed the same in your business?


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