4 Tips For Restoring Post-Summer Hair Health

Post-Summer hair

After months of sun exposure, beach holidays, and poolside parties, even the shortest of hair may be feeling a bit parched and lacklustre. Here, Murdock London Master Barber, Ben Vowles shares four top tips for giving your client’s hair some post-summer TLC.

Keep Hair Hydrated

Just as your body craves hydration after a hot summer’s day, hair is thirsting for moisture too. Recommend a high-quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner to replenish lost moisture which contains a sulphate-free formula to ensure the shampoo cleans hair without drying out the scalp or hair – essential after months of sun and heat. Aloe Vera is another key ingredient to look out for when recommending a daily shampoo to help get hair back into full health. Even if your client’s hair is short, it’s worth them investing in a high-quality conditioner, particularly if they have been on a sun, sea, and sand holiday. Look out for hydrating ingredients such as Cupuacu Butter and Passionflower Oil.

Trim It

If clients have enjoyed a summer holiday in the sun, the combination of UV rays, salt water, and chlorine, can cause havoc with hair leading to split ends. Be sure to book clients in for a post-holiday trim to get rid of the damaged ends, resulting in instantly healthier looking hair.

Easy on The Heat

Post-summer is a good time to give hair a break from those heated styling tools, including straighteners and hairdryers. Encourage your clients to let their hair dry naturally and embrace their natural texture.

Face Facial Hair

Facial hair needs some post-summer loving too. Just as the sun can dry out the scalp and hair, it can also dehydrate beards and moustaches, and the skin behind them. Recommend a high-quality beard conditioner such as Murdock London’s Beard Moisturiser. This luxury product will condition facial hair while soothing the skin underneath. The perfect post-summer and all year-round facial follicle friend!

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