Barber shares his top TikTok and Instagram tips for attracting customers

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Elliot Forbes @elliotforbes of Muehle Treatment Space in Soho decided to hone his social skills online with a diverse range of content on TikTok and Instagram. Lockdown gave him the time and space he needed to look at his platforms strategically.

Elliot’s story

Elliot has been barbering for four years after leaving his career as a professional golfer for a job less risky. “I loved getting my haircut but often didn’t get the cut I wanted, so I decided to get some training initially, so that I could understand it better,” says Elliot.

He loved it so much, he just kept going. Originally Elliot used his social feed to follow other barbers but was confused about how to use the platforms. Was he sharing his work for likes from other barbers? Was he attracting customers? In the end Elliot decided to focus on the latter.

elliot forbes social media tipsElliot’s social media tips

“My social feeds are about offering value and entertainment. Showing that have I knowledge and skills to share. Just providing value in an engaging way. I started posting on TikTok last year and at that point I was sharing the same stuff across TikTok and Instagram. Then I took stock and started looking at the context of the platform. IG is more curated and TikTok is more fun. It allows you to express yourself in different ways,” explains Elliot.

Once lockdown started Elliot’s content creativity exploded. Now he has a studio set up at home and now integrates the platforms and harmonises across each of them appropriately.

Elliot says “A lot of my content is inspired by comments and questions I get through social. I jump on TikTok trends to get views and I can push people to my IG if they want to DM as there is no DM function on TikTok. I also have a ‘link in bio’ and encourage people to ask advice. I have created fun TikTok’s like the Anchor Man voice effect and a Spiderman one and I’ve done a lot of styling tips and advice on both IG and TikTok .”

Long term Elliot has grand plans but they are all real world ones. Elliot says “The best way to monetise social media is using it as a tool to attract the clients that will make you money in the real world!”

This interview originally featured in Issue 27 of Modern Barber. You can read the issue in full here.


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