Face masks AND visors for barbers compulsory

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From Saturday 15 August barbers and hairdressers should wear face masks IN ADDITION to a visor in England.

This comes after new evidence from SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) and consultation with the beauty industry.

The Government has confirmed that all staff offering close contact services, including barbers, should now wear a face mask (type 2 surgical), in addition to a clear visor that covers the face.

This helps protect customers and staff from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing, or speaking.

In addition last week new rules on clients wearing face coverings in barbershops and salons were introduced. Customers MUST now wear a face covering in the salon (but are allowed to remove it when having a close shave or beard trim!)

Please note that the new guidance will not apply in areas where local lockdown measures are in place and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will set their own timings for lifting and changing of restrictions.

MB appreciates that wearing a mask and visor can be uncomfortable and make it more difficult to work, but we must remain vigilant as an industry so that we can stay open.

The new guidelines

Please follow the below Close Contact Services guidelines, as summarised by The Hair & Barber Council, to help you manage risks around COVID19.

They include but are not limited to:

– Wearing a visor and type 2 surgical mask
– Ensuring your clients are wearing a face covering
– Using a booking-only system and maintaining social distancing in the workplace
– Frequent washing of hands
– Using screens and undertaking back to back/side to side working
– Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and tools, especially after each client
– If you are freelance or mobile contacting clients before working in their homes to check if anyone is isolating or has symptoms.


Image credit: London School of Barbering


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