Wez’s two minute tool check (hint, so fast you can do it between customers)

Wez Jones (@wez_jones) of The HeartBreak Club in Leigh-on-Sea loves his Babyliss PRO tools. His busy shop is non-stop so he’s rigorous about keeping his tools in top condition so he can keep knocking out the cuts. Wez says “So I have a routine on clipper care and it’s pretty much the same regardless of which clipper I’m using.” Wez’s tool check tips…

  • Brush out any visible hair from the clipper head and then break the clipper down.
  • Brush away shards from the top, inside the head and inside the clipper then use a hairdryer to blast away any damp hair or anything caught.
  • Use a sterilising spray and thoroughly spray the head and clipper inside and out. This is so important for hygiene and to help the clipper stay lubricated. Wipe away excess.
  • Oil the head and moving parts and wipe away any excess. Then reassemble the clipper and run it for 30 seconds to let the oil seep into the mechanism. Give it one last wipe.

Wez finishes every day on this routine, plus he sprays the clipper between clients and on busy days will take a few minutes in the day for clipper maintenance. As a super fan of Babyliss PRO clippers, Wez knows that the best tools in tip top condition deliver the best cuts for his customers. Fast, efficient, professional.