5 Reasons Barbers Need a Booking Software

Published 04th Oct 2023 by Chloe Weldon

Transitioning to booking software can be overwhelming, which is why you need software that is a reliable business partner. Sam, Lead Stylist from Daimon Barber in Stratford-Upon-Avon, shares his top five reasons for barbers to start using booking software Vagaro.

Manage Your Time Better

It’s essential to stay organised and optimise every hour of your day. “A booking system not only enables you to book customers in, but it also enables you to help manage your time. With Vagaro, you can schedule time in your calendar for personal appointments, and can clearly state employee working hours and days, plus much more,” says Sam.

Move With The Times

Acquiring new customers enables your business to grow. But if you’re using pen and paper methods to book, you’re limiting your potential. Sam asks: “Wouldn’t you rather focus on the people sitting in the chair than spend time scheduling appointments?”

Integrating new technology into your barbershop may seem like a hassle but the benefits are real. If you choose the right technology, making the switch can be easy. Look for a platform that assists you from imports and training, through to a customer service team that’s available whenever you need them.

Make it Easier for Clients

Clients, especially new ones, don’t want to spend time calling to find out about your prices. Sam explains that “acquiring a booking system takes away all of those awkward conversations.” The quality of your customer experience should be an integral part of your barbershop business as it highly pertains to client retention. What’s more, happy customers make recommendations to their friends. Most bookings are made out of hours, if you don’t have an online booking system, you could be losing out on business.


Protect Your Income

Barbershop software should not only give you online booking capabilities but present you with an all-in-one business solution. The better software choices out there will allow you to take deposits and prepayments, further protecting your bottom line. Push text and email notification functions will keep your customers in the loop helping to prevent no-shows and lost time and revenue.

“It’s easy to forget appointments, but Vagaro allows me to send a text to my customers the day before, or even an hour before their appointment, and it has significantly reduced no-shows, the deposit it helps protect any money lost from it.”

You can accept payments, and pay your employees all from the same app. Manage your payroll, rent collection, and all your barbershop admin from your fingertips with Vagaro Pro.

Elevate Your Business

For Sam, it’s apparent that overall business health begins and ends with his clients, so making the process from start to finish as streamlined as possible, has big payoffs.

“Times have changed, and you want to go along with them. The barbering industry has become a lot more high end; clients are more accustomed to receiving a nice shave or a more luxurious treatment than just a haircut. It’s important to present your business as professionally as possible.”

Now that you are completely clear on why you need to add booking software to your barbershop business plan, start your 30-day free trial today. Get found, get booked, get paid with Vagaro. Begin your journey with Vagaro today.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Vagaro.

Chloe Weldon

Chloe Weldon

Published 04th Oct 2023

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