5 Reasons You Should Enter The Modern Barber Awards 2024

5 Reasons You Should Enter The Modern Barber Awards 2024

Did you know that entries for the Modern Barber Awards 2024 are now open? This year they’ll be happening on Sunday 23 June coinciding with our unmissable event, Barber Connect.

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That being said, you only have until 16 February 2024 to get your entry submitted, so you’ll need to get a move on. Why not check out these five reasons on why you should enter the Modern Barber Awards 2024?

  1. Open Up Doors
    Ainsley Joshua Walton, winner of Best Photographic Image at the Modern Barber Awards 2023, commented on his win: “This is what this is all about. This is going to give me a huge amount of confidence. For me, coming from a very small place, it’s just amazing to now be in this sort of limelight.”
  2. Assert Yourself as an Industry Leader
    Reflecting on their Best Training win at the Modern Barber Awards 2023, the Manifesto team said: “Without our whole team, it would not have been possible for us to achieve this. This award goes out to all the barbers who love to push the boundaries and love to change our industry, rather than simply following the industry.”
  3. Meet Personal Goals
    Natalie Crewsswell, winner of Best Business Leader 2023, shared: “Winning this award really is such a personal achievement for me. I’ve been eyeing this award up for a long time, and to feel that recognition for something you’ve built yourself is just an amazing feeling.”
  4. Raise Awareness for Your Cause
    Keri Blue, founder of Human First, took home the title of Community Hero at the Modern Barber Awards 2023. Discussing their success, they said: “Hopefully this means that more trans people are going to be seen, more non-binary people are going to be seen, and just help people feel like their true, authentic selves. If I can pave the way and be a trailblazer for other people to join the industry, then I’m going to do what it takes every single day to keeping doing just that. This means so much to me.”
  5. Show Off Your Hard Work
    Derek Shortall, owner of Shorties, which won the title of Best Shop Interior at the Modern Barber Awards 2023, told us: “Winning this means so much to me, because so much work went into the shop. We’re a small team, so where we take it from here is endless; the project has only just begun.”

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to enter the Modern Barber Awards 2024, why not check out how winning a Modern Barber Awards can also boost your career?