Harry Styles Triggers Over 173,000 Google Searches for Buzzcut

Published 24th Nov 2023 by PB Admin

Since Harry Styles debuted his new buzzcut, ditching his trademark curls for the first time in forever, research has revealed over 173,000 buzzcut-related google searches. In the past month, 'buzzcut' has gained over 82,000 searches, while 'shaved head' has received a further 91,000 and 'Harry Styles shaved head' has reached over 27,000.

Earlier this year, the team at Cosmetify predicted the hottest hair trends for the year ahead, naming the buzzcut as number 1 after noting over 1.6 million searches in 2022. However, it seems Harry Styles has guaranteed this hairstyle a mainstay for 2024, too.

buzzcut harry stylesCarly Cochrane, expert at Cosmetify, commented: “In 2023, the buzzcut exudes a sense of simplicity and confidence, offering a low-maintenance yet stylish look. The hairstyle has gained traction as a symbol of individuality and self-expression, breaking away from conventional beauty standards and embracing a bold, no-nonsense aesthetic.

The decision of Harry Styles to follow the buzzcut trend comes as no surprise given his reputation for pushing fashion boundaries and setting trends. By adopting the buzzcut, he reaffirms his commitment to challenging conventional norms in the realm of fashion and grooming. Styles' influence as a style icon has the potential to further propel the buzzcut into the mainstream.”

Following Styles' buzzcut debut, we spoke to some industry experts to get their take:

“I didn’t see it coming at all but for someone who is a style icon, I think it’s great for them to shock the masses and do something outside of their norm. I’m kind of hoping this does spark a trend,” Pete Cranfield, BaByliss Pro ambassador comments.

“If you haven’t shaved your head before it’s definitely something you need to do at some point in life – I always find it quite liberating with my own hair. And for my clients it’s always a good way to start again when they are unsure what style to go for next. As they have to go through so many different lengths when growing it out, sometimes to find a style they might not have ever thought about,” Jody Taylor, BaByliss Pro ambassador adds.

The buzzcut is one hairstyle we guarantee to be popular for 2024. Why? Because it's a classic. Brush up on your skills now to prepare for the year ahead!
PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Nov 2023

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