How to buy vintage…


How to buy vintage?
We all love a bit of vintage these days and Victoria Moore has made a business out of it with a pop-up and online store called Phyllis Loves Leonard which is soon to have a fixed abode. Here Victoria is sharing her well-honed professional wisdom to help you hunt for that perfect vintage find.

Trust your instincts…if something seems too good to be true it normally is! With more modern reproductions readily available it is easy to be duped, look for signs of wear consistent with age and use, with original maker?s marks and labels.

Set yourself a clear budget and do not be afraid to haggle. Most dealers will come down on the asking price, especially for a cash sale or if you are looking at buying more than one item.

Use your imagination and always look past minor surface scratches and marks, especially when upcycling as these are easily sanded out or covered in paint. Use any imperfections to try and get the price down.

Beware of bad smells! Always an issue when buying vintage and antique pieces but when the odour is overpowering then no amount of Febreeze or airing will normally help.

Check for the overall quality of the piece, every era has well-made and poorly made items so a sturdy, good structure is paramount. Double check for any repairs or alterations as these can sometimes mask underlying problems.

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